"CQ CQ CQ this is WA6TOW Calling CQ for Field Day..."

Field Day is one of the biggest events in North American amateur radio. It runs around the clock from start to finish on the fourth weekend of June every year. More than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups and friends to operate from remote locations.

The ususal High Frequency (HF) amateur bands are 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Amateur operations also occur in the VHF and UHF bands. Per the ARRL, the objective of Field Day is: “To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Field Day is open to all amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. DX stations residing in other regions may be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to submit entries.”

The CARC will setup its Field Day operation on Sweeney Ridge near the Portola Discovery Site (where the Gaspar de Portola expedition made the first European discovery of SF Bay in 1769). The site has outstanding views of both the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

Setup will commence at 8:00 AM at the Sneath Lane entrance to the park on Saturday Morning, June 22, where hams from our club will trek up the hill to the site. Setup consists of setting up the stations, especially the 15M and 20M beam antennas.

On-air operations will occur during the 24 hour period between 11 AM on Saturday and 11 AM on Sunday. Following the close of operations on Sunday, the stations will be disassembled and the site cleared to its original pristine condition.

You don't need to have HF privileges, or even be a ham, to make contacts at our Field Day site. We will have personnel on hand to act as control operators. So come on up and get involved in ham radio!

Directions to Sweeney Ridge from Pacifica (link to Google Maps)
Directions to Sweeney Ridge from SFO (link to Google Maps)
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