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The Coastside Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is affiliated with the ARRL and normally meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 1930 hours in the Linda Mar Fire Station Community Room on Linda Mar Boulevard in Pacifica. Please check the Coming Events page for any exceptions. Visitors are welcome.

The CARC has been organized since 1959, serving Bay Area amateurs and providing emergency communication services to the City of Pacifica. Membership dues are $20.00 per year for the administration of the Club and publication of the Communicator.

The CARC supports two repeaters and a Packet digipeater on the North Peak of Montara Mountain altitude 1900 feet located on the border of Pacifica and Montara:

2 meter repeater WA6TOW/R on 146.925 minus offset 600kHz

70cm repeater WA6TOW/R on 441.075 positive offset 5MHz

PL Tone of 114.8Hz used on both repeaters as needed for noise suppression

Packet Digipeater WA6TOW-1 on 145.05. Packet Node PAC.

Day Time Repeater/Frequency Group/Contact
SUN 7:00AM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8) Knights of the Megahertz Net
Kelly Tuttle: wb6aaj626@gmail.com
MON 7:00PM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8) Pacifica CERT Net
TUE 7:30PM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8) Daly City Net
Tom Oliver, KJ6OGL:
8:00PM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8)
KC6ULT(146.865 PL114.8)
San Mateo County OES Net
Dan Bennett:dgbennett@smcgov.org
WED 8:00PM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8) CARC Wednesday Night Checkin
Tom Oliver, KJ6OGL:
SAT 10:00AM WA6TOW(146.925 PL114.8) QCWA-11 Saturday Morning Group
Al Montoya: ferel@att.net
Day Time Repeater/Frequency Group/Contact
MON 8:30PM HF: 1908±kHz 160 Meter Net
WED 8:30PM HF: 1908±kHz 160 Meter Net
FRI 8:30PM HF: 1908±kHz 160 Meter Net
SAT 9:00AM HF: 3.852MHz or up
Alt: 7227.5kHz
QCWA-11 Saturday Morning Group
Bill Lillie:N6BCT@ARRL.NET
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